How To Buy/Deposit your pup/pickup policy

Go to Pups FOR Sale  there are several pages of them so be sure and go down to bottom right and go to the next page----Then click on the the code number/name like " M6H Hank" and 5 pics will come up that you can look thru.  When you have chosen your pup from the available pics (not any marked sold!) in PUPS FOR SALE--  then you can make a deposit by choosing the "deposit function" for that pup. 

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE-  IF you have found a pup you like you need to make a non refundable deposit ASAP!  We often have other buyers that call everyday.  Whoever makes the deposit to hold first gets the pup.  Period.

If you want to pay in full then you can use the full listing of the dog that you want with the full price listed.  Of course most people look, call us and ask questions, email or text, and some close by come to our farm and look in person.  We can send extra pictures/videos to you to help you decide, of course.  All future litters are being listed with the last 4 of their microchip also.  If there is no microchip listed, pups are too young for microchipping.  DEPOSITS--IF YOU MAKE A DEPOSIT THEN YOU CAN SUBTRACT THAT OFF THE FULL PRICE LISTED.  THE DEPOSIT IS NOT IS ADDITION TO THE FULL PRICE LISTED.  So once you pay your deposit (if you want to do so) then let us know and we will subtract that off the full price listed, Or just pay in full and skip the deposit.

DEPOSIT - all deposits are non refundable UNLESS pup dies (not likely) before you pick it up as long as it is in the pick up guidelines/rules listed here.

Pick up Dates-  If you pay a deposit, YOU Must pick up pup within three weeks after your deposit  (IF the pups are 8 wks old and rdy to lv of course!) if you do not we charge $10.00/day when you finally pick it up or you cannot have the pup and if you decide you cannot get it within three weeks and decide you don't want then we DO NOT give you your money back.  We have had to take the pup off the market after you made a deposit and so we lost out on other people wanting it during that time.  We reserve the right to make individual exceptions if we want.  (give you more time due to circumstances depending on OUR decision) We have not had much of a problem with this but we cannot have people make a deposit and then not pick up the pup within a reasonable period of time, it is not fair to us to not know what you are doing and its not fair to the pup.  


If you want to  pay by credit card, paypal etc.  plz do so in advance of your coming to pick up your pup.  Otherwise pay in cash or certified check, cashiers check.  You can finish your payment with cash or credit card when you get here we use Square, PAypal, etc and we have internet access.  NO CHECKS! You can even pay a couple hours before you show up, if you are hestitant to prepay or deposit that's fine then plz bring cash or cashier/cert funds or credit card when you arrive for payment at the farm to take the pup home.  That way if you change your mind you are not out anything.  We do not finance the purchase of pups over time! So if you cannot afford a pup then you probably cannot afford the vet bills and food to be perfectly frank with you.