Our Contract

++ Biggar Danes Dog/Puppy Sales Contract

Business Licensed thru Rutherford County NC


We recommend that you carefully read this contract before buying./PICKING UP/DEPOSITING $


Date of Sale/Deposit


Pups go home to new owner 8 weeks or more after their birth date.



All Deposits are non refundable for any reason. We have set aside a pup for you that others may have wanted. This puppy is in good health at the time of sale to the best of our and our vets knowledge. It is up to you to take part in our 3 biz day Health Guarantee to have your pup checked for any major issues that may be present that would shorten the life of your pup and so you my want to get additional vet tests that day other than the regular check..that is totally up to you.


Seller John Kurt Biggar-Biggar Danes


Buyer (S)( if you want it registered to more than one person plz put both names here otherwise it will be registered to the one person only (as stated here)_____________________________________________________



Price agreed upon


Deposit paid

Total due today (pick up day)


Puppy description/markings: AKC Great Dane pup

Microchip ID   :_____________________________________________________-

M_____               F_____ To be done at pups correct age by vet before you pick up/ship

Buyer phones-

Buyers address for AKC reg.


City, State. Zip




Microchip ID Registration

I, the buyer understand that this pup has been microchipped and that it is up to me to register my info with FreePetchipregistry.com or any other registry at the buyers expense. We already saved you $50-$75 by having it microchipped. It is up to you to pay the fee to register it. Some have a one time fee, some have a monthly fee. There are many sites online with varying fees. (google microchip registry)


AKC Buyers Registration

I the buyer understand that Biggar Danes has prepaid my basic buyers puppy registration with AKC. I, the buyer MUST supply Biggar Danes with the name I choose for my puppy so that Biggar Danes can finish and complete the buyers registration online for me, the buyer. Biggar Danes will enter the info with AKC no SOONER than 2 weeks after you leave the premises with your pup (so that the Parvo guarantee date has passed. After the buyer text, email, or call Kurt Biggar with my dogs formal name (see AKC.org) for naming parameters. , then and only then, will AKC send me my papers. Make sure name UNIQUE or go the AKC.org---search “name check” type in your desired name and it will tell you if its already taken or call them at 919-233-9767 and they’ll ck for you.

“Limited” for breeding registration-

You are buying a puppy that Biggar Danes has put a Limited registration status on with AKC. This means that we are selling you a pet and that if you end up breeding your adult dog, AKC WILL NOT give the pups papers. We advise all buyers to spay or neuter their pups according to their vets schedule. By signing this contract, you understand these terms.







Breeding Rights:

if you have gotten permission with Kurt Biggar to add breeding rights, the cost is $500 and this will be added to your contract and invoice. This will be in writing and your pup will be registered by us for your pup as Full Breeding rights.


Parvo & health Guarantee -

My Biggar Danes pup has had _________________________________________ puppy shots and ______________________________dewormings all done by one of our vets or ourselves and you are being given this record of this in your file. It is your responsibility, as buyer, to pay for and get your own new puppy vet check within 72 workday business hrs from the date of this contract, in order to fullfil the “72 hr health Guarantee. Must have the vet examine (a licensed DVM and report to us with a copy of signed vets report within these 72 business hours and you can request a full refund and return the puppy only if PUP IS FOUND, BY THE VET IN WRITING, TO HAVE A SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUE SO THAT THE QUALITY OF LIFE OF THE PUP WILL BE SERIOUSLY ALTERED OR SHORTENED.(major diseases present within three days of your picking up your pup. Breeder will also call the vet to verify this also. In that case buyer will assume any responsibilities and costs to get puppy back to breeder. At no time or for any reason will the breeder be responsible for any veterinary bills. Here’s what happens: after you notify us and we get your vet records, we take ownership of the dogs back, refund your money, and the contract is null and void. We will then take the pups to our vet for care or whatever we deem appropriate.    Minor, normal ailments such as but not limited to fleas, worms, stress related diarrhea due to pups transitions to new home, Coccidia or Ghirdia, dermodetic mange, dog acne, pimples, itchy skin ailments etc are not qualified reasons for a return under the 72 hr agreement above . If something else happens to the pup in those 72 business hrs, get run over, in dog fight, stepped on, etc after leaving seller, those are the owners responsibility., not part of the guarantee. Buyer agrees never to sue seller or take to small claims court for anything. Breeder does not guarantee against Coccidia or Ghirdia (common to puppies) or breeding ability, show potential, overbites, underbites, hernias, undesended testicles or anything else other than what would seriously shorten the pups life span.


Parvo Guarantee – All of our pups have been vaccinated at the appropriate ages for DHPP, DHLPP by a vet. If within two weeks (exactly), 14 days after you leave the premises at midnight. OF YOU TAKING YOUR PUP your pup get Parvo and it is officially recognized in writing by your vet, then we will refund your money and take the pups back, making the contract with you void. IF YOU CHOOSE TO KEEP THE PUPS THEN IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO TO PAY YOUR OWN VET BILLS, EVEN IF ITS WITHIN 2 WEEKS. We refund you nothing. The agreement is : you bring the pups back we give your money back, we get ownership back and handle the parvo vet care with our own vets and our control. If your pup contracts parvo after 2 weeks, then it did not leave here with it as the avg period of signs of parvo is within 2 weeks of exposure. As of June 2018 we did have a Parvo outbreak and have informed all buyers of this either thru this statement here and/or verbally or both. So, you the buyer have been notified.

You are buying a living animal which comes with a lot of responsibility, including proper feeding, water and vet care, including toenail cutting!  Make sure you take care of your new family member/baby

Return of Dog for other reason-

If, the dog, you buy ever needs a good home and you cannot keep it, change of living circumstances, financial issues, etc Biggar Danes will take it back if it is in good health but will not pay you for it, and you must immediately sign over the AKC ownership papers to them. In other words, if you cannot find a good home and have an immediate need we will take it back and give it a good home. DO NOT take to pound, humane society, etc.

Lost Dogs- Occasionally someone forgets to register their microchip and a county pound will call us reg a lost Dane. We are authorized from this contract to give them your information so that they may try and find you. If they get no response by their own time frame, that is between you and their laws and if you lose your dog that way we are not responsible. So keep track of your pup!!


Shipping- We do not recommend that you buy a pup and have it shipped. But if you do, it is your responsibility should the dog become sick or die. YOU choose the airline, YOU book the flight YOU pay for that. Our responsibility ends once we are at the airport and we hand the pup over to the airline that you choose. You have no recourse against us – YOU chose to ship, we are just taking it to the shipper for you, We will have to charge you for a shipping crate and mileage to the airport. Or you can buy a crate on amazon or some such site and ship to us. Our nearest airport is Greenville SC 50 miles away and Delta has much experience there in shipping dogs. Charlotte NC is 75 miles from us. Or You can arrange for a ground dog transporter.



By signing below I acknowledge, as buyer, that I have thoroughly read and understand and agree to this 4 page contract and the “What to do next” flyer in my folder. This is a contract and is binding. (updated contract 1/26/19) You agree that should any disputes occur in addition to those addresses in this contract we will settle it thru arbitration or small claims court only.







This is a 4 page contract. Updated 2/07/2021


Buyers signature____________________________________________date___________time_________


Co-buyers signature__________________________________date______________time_____________


Sellers signature.___________________________________________________________________




















Deposit /Pick out pup date buyers signature- ________________________________

I have read and understand all that is written below and agree to it and I have received a blank copy of my contract to read.

I the above signed made a deposit on a Biggar Danes pup and I understand that I picked out a pup today and I chose pup with Microchip number as verified today I understand I cannot switch to another pup once I pick out this pup today. I understand my refund is non refundable unless the pup dies before my maximum pick up/full payment date which is after the pup is a minimum of 6-8 weeks (sellers choice) and you must pick up your pup by the 14th day after you have made your deposit (as long as they are old enough) In other words we will not hold your pup once you have made a choice and a deposit –unless you live out of state then you have 21 days. To have pup picked up by a ground transporter or you come to pick it up. This applies even if you have made a full payment. (WE DO NOT HOLD PUPS FOR HEALTH OF THE PUP AND OTHERS REASONS WHILE YOU MOVE, WHILE YOU GO ON VACATION, ETC)

If you only made a deposit and it is after the 14 days(AND THE PUP IS OLD ENOUGH TO LEAVE, you forfeit your deposit and pup is put back up for sale, IF YOU DO NOT PICK UP YOUR PUP. You have no recourse.

If you paid in full in advance, AND YOU FAIL TO PICK UP YOUR PUP AFTER 2 WEEKS then we will charge to $5.00 a day for feeding taking care of and the health and Parvo guarantee re null and void. If something happens and doG gets sick on our premises and or dies, you will be responsible for paying us the vet bill before we will release pup to you.


Example: you make a deposit Dec 1st but pups not 6 or 8 weeks old til Jan 1st then you have til Jan 14 to pick up pup before pup will be put back into inventory and your deposit lost. (if you live wthin 4 hours or less of us.

Example same as above but you live more than 4 hrs from us (8+ rd trip) then you have 21 days to have your pup picked up.

Example if you paid in full and live over 4 hrs from us and have not picked up your pup within 3 weeks then we will charge you $10 a day for feed and also you will be responsible for its death, vet bills, sickness bills after the 21 days. (in otherwords, we are basically boarding you pup for you.)

99.9% of our buyers do not need these rules, but we put them in place recently for the few who do!!!!